La Higuera Mayor

Vineyards and Winery

The start of the project arises in 2003 with the planting of the vineyard. The vineyards and the winery are registered in the denomination of origin of Gran Canaria. The only objective from the plantation is to obtain a high-quality wine.

3.5 Ha
Listán Negro, Castellana, Tintilla, Negramol.
Irrigation system
Pruning system
Simple cord


Soil with picon on the working surface, about 40 cms. then comes a layer of volcanic ash that allows a good drainage, without pudding in the roots.


Constant influence of the trade winds of the Atlantic Ocean which decreases the incidence of health problems. Cold winters. Warm summer during the day, cool at night.


Localized irrigation: irrigation support when needed. The area of the land has a rainfall level between 400 and 500 L / m2.


The vineyard of La Higuera Mayor uses mostly authorized products in the organic farming. The practices (management) of the crop is what will give us the quality of wine that we will obtain in the winery.

Wine Harvest

In mid August we undertake the green harvest of the grape harvest, the bunches that have less than two thirds of mature grapes are discarded, by the time of the harvest day all the bunches have a level of maturity as homogeneous as possible. The harvest is done manually.

Cellar Equipment

crusher destemmer equipment, stainless steel tanks, cold equipment to control the fermentation, vertical press, finishing the wine aging process in new French oak barrels.

La Higuera Mayor


The vineyards are located in area of the Palmital in the municipality of Telde on the island of Gran Canaria.

The farm is located at a height of 450 meters above sea level, with the influence of the trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean.